2/3(Fri) Ehomaki sushi rolls  INFORMATION

2/3(Fri)  Ehomaki sushi rolls

Ehomaki is a seasonal sushi roll that's believed to bring good luck when it's eaten on the eve before Spring according to the Japanese old lunar calendar.
The important thing is to take them in hand and eat, silently, while facing the particular lucky direction (Eho) of the year.
For 2023, the lucky direction is South‐southeast.

Ehomaki is available for pre-order to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

¥3,996 (including consumption tax) per roll

*with various ingredients such as tiger prawn, conger eel, salmon roe, sweet omelet, shiitake mushroom

*Reservations will be accepted starting from January 11.

Pick-up: 3pm - 9pm, February 3, 2023
Orders Accepted: From January 11 to January 29, 2023
*Quantities limited


For reservations and inquiries call 03-6406-6010 (Dining Reservations 9:30-21:00)