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  • 2/21 (Fri) Luncheon Seminar with Professor Heizo Takenaka "Japan and the World Economy in 2020: Beyond Davos"


2/21 (Fri) Luncheon Seminar with Professor Heizo Takenaka "Japan and the World Economy in 2020: Beyond Davos" [FULL] MEMBER EVENT

2/21 (Fri) Luncheon Seminar with Professor Heizo Takenaka

For our February Luncheon Seminar, we welcome Professor Heizo Takenaka.

In this Fourth Industrial Revolution, technological evolution is bringing about advancements in industry. These changes are impacting more and more layers, from economics to governance to even lifestyles, and more.

As the world faces issues such as US-China trade frictions, the exit of the United Kingdom from the EU, and the rise of nationalism, it is also confronted by the major issues of the global environment and climate change.

The topic of this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos is “Stakeholders for a Cohesive and Sustainable World.” Professor Takenaka will discuss Japan and the World Economy in 2020 based on the discussions of the Davos Conference.

Date  February 21(Fri), 2020
Time  12:00noon-1:30pm
Fee  ¥7,000 per person (Lunch, seminar)

* Drinks not included.
* Cash payment required.
* Meal service will not be provided after starting the seminar.
* The event will be in Japanese ONLY.

Prof. Heizo TAKENAKA
Professor Emeritus, Keio University
Professor, Toyo University

Heizo Takenaka is a professor emeritus at Keio University and a professor at Toyo University in Japan. And was formerly Minister for Economic and Fiscal Policy etc (2001-2006). In his capacity as an economist and as part of his social activities, he also serves on several advisory boards and committees including: Member of the Policy Council under Abe Administration; Director, Academyhills and Chairman, Pasona Group Inc. and Outside Director, Orix Corporation and Outside Director, SBI Holdings Inc. He was named to the Foundation Board of the World Economic Forum in 2007. Professor Takenaka’s research interest is in economic policy.


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