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  • 11.7(Tue) Luncheon Seminar with Mr. Hisashi Taniguchi"A City Run on Robots: The Future, Brought to You by Self-Driving Technology"


11.7(Tue) Luncheon Seminar with
Mr. Hisashi Taniguchi
"A City Run on Robots: The Future, Brought to You by Self-Driving Technology" [FULL]

11.7(Tue) Luncheon Seminar with <br>Mr. Hisashi Taniguchi<br>

For our November luncheon seminar, we welcome Mr. Hisashi Taniguchi, President and Representative Director of ZMP Inc.

Mr. Taniguchi leads ZMP Inc., a company that continues to lead the recently-booming autonomous driving technology market, under the motto “Robot of Everything.” Autonomous driving systems developed by ZMP were used in live road tests on the streets of Fujisawa City in Kanagawa Prefecture in February of 2016, a milestone for a company that continues to innovate and push the boundaries of technology.

ZMP has also begun partnerships with taxi companies and has set up research groups aimed at the realization of fully-automated taxi services. With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in sight, the company has garnered attention from several industries as it races faster and faster toward commercial applications for automated driving.

From his position at the leading edge of self-driving automobiles and self-driving technology development platforms, how does Mr. Taniguchi envision the future? We’ll hear from him about the possibilities in future technology innovations, and about his ambition of self-driving technology enriching the safety, fun, and convenience of everyday life.

Hisashi Taniguchi
President and Representative Director, ZMP Inc.

After involvement in anti-lock brake system development at a control instrument manufacturer, Mr. Taniguchi engaged in technology sales and web content entrepreneurship before founding ZMP in 2001. After trying his hand at development and sales of consumer oriented walking, two-legged robots and music robots, he entered the automotive field in 2008, providing autonomously-driven vehicles to manufacturers and research institutions. Today, his “Robot of Everything” strategy has expanded to target implementation of robots in all kinds of applications, including robocars, self-driving taxis, logistics support robots (e.g. CarriRo), delivery robots, and drones. As of 2016, he is also a part of the doctorate program at the Tokyo University of the Arts’ Graduate School of Fine Arts.

Date November 7, 2017
Time 12:00noon-1:30pm
Fee ¥7,000 per person (Lunch, seminar)

* Drinks not included.
* Cash payment required.
* Meal service after the seminar will not be provided.
* The event will be in Japanese ONLY.
* Members' family and immediate relatives are welcome to participate
 in this event.


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